Services & Rates

Report Alliance’s comprehensive service offerings are designed to ensure your financial report receives the highest quality and care from start to finish, top to bottom. Click on each service below to learn how we can take your financial report to the next level.

The Pro Forma service occurs at the beginning of each fiscal year, at which time we will:

  • Roll forward all amounts and dates within the financial statements, footnotes and other content related to the prior year
  • Prepare the Word/Excel files for entry of current-year financial data


This service does not include any formatting or proofreading, given that the Pro Forma service is preparatory in nature.

The Format service is usually performed in conjunction with the Pro Forma service, or subsequently with the Proof service once the current-year financial data has been entered and updated.

During this service, we will format the entire financial report (Word and/or Excel) to your specifications. We can also link any Excel tables in Word at your request. 


If you don't have a preferred format for your report, we can apply our Report Alliance format for a clean, consistent presentation.

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The Proof service can be performed at any stage, but is typically requested once the current-year financial data has been entered and updated, and/or once the financial report is nearly ready to finalize. Many clients prefer to have two proofs performed – one near the beginning of the engagement and one immediately prior to finalization – to ensure the highest quality for their report.

During this service, we will proofread the entire report – front to back, tables and text – using your preferred style guide and provide our edits either via tracked changes in Word or as a scanned hard-copy markup.


If in doubt, select the Associated Press Stylebook as your preferred style guide, as it is the most commonly used guide and highly regarded in the accounting industry. 

The Revisions service involves the incorporation and/or review of any moderate edits you may have for your financial report. You can provide these edits either via tracked changes in Word or as a scanned hard-copy markup. In either case, we will incorporate and proof the edits to ensure the report format and language aren’t compromised.


All revisions should be submitted in good faith and within reason. If your revisions are deemed overly excessive, your order may be adjusted to more appropriately align with the Proof service at its higher per-page rate. 

The Calculations Check service is typically performed once the financial report is nearly ready to finalize and involves:

  • Performing a formula check on all financial statements and tables to ensure any basic Excel formulas were entered accurately
  • Manually footing all statements and tables to ensure there are no calculation errors or rounding errors
  • Performing a basic tie-out among the financial statements, as well as between the financial statements and footnotes

The Binding service involves producing high-quality bound copies of your financial report and shipping them to the location of your choice. 

We’re proud to offer free standard shipping to all clients within the U.S. Next-day and two-day shipping options are also available for an additional fee. Please allow 24 hours for the assembly of bound copies prior to shipping.


Our bound reports are printed in color and assembled using a black coil binding and a clear glossy cover, for a simple yet professional presentation. 

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Blended Rates

We recognize that financial report pages often vary in content; some may be brimming with text and tables, while others may only contain a few lines or a single table. We’ve taken this variable into account in our blended per-page rates to ensure your costs remain as streamlined and reasonable as possible. Estimated charges are tallied in real-time during every order for full transparency.

Note: We're able to offer bulk contracts, discounted rates and alternative submission/payment options to CPA firms based on their commitment level and report workload. Please reach out for further details.

Commitment to Prompt Service

We’ve established standard turnaround times for each service in an effort to manage all of our client work and meet deadlines in a timely manner without ever compromising on quality. However, we’re very cognizant of the time-sensitive, deadline-driven nature of financial report processing, so we will always aim to return your files as soon as possible, and often before your requested deadline. An estimated turnaround date/time is tallied in real-time during every order for full transparency.

Rush Requests

If you need your report returned sooner than the estimated turnaround date/time tallied in your order, please select one of our rush options at that time and we will be happy to accommodate you for an additional fee.