About Us

No matter your industry, size or need, we’re dedicated to providing you next-level financial report quality at a reasonable cost. That’s the Report Alliance promise.

Based in the heart of the financial district in Irvine, California, Report Alliance began humbly as a simple solution to a problem few knew existed and has since established itself as an innovative leader in the public accounting space.

While serving as regional manager of financial report processing at a leading U.S. CPA firm, our founder, Mike Tartaglini, realized that too many organizations were struggling to access and maintain adequate and cost-sensitive financial report formatting, proofreading, word processing and binding services every year, compromising their time, resources and bottom line.

Based on his reputation in the accounting industry and more than a decade of experience delivering meticulous, high-end financial report quality assurance services to thousands of organizations, Mike knew that he could better serve these organizations and their CPA firms by making higher-quality, lower-cost financial report processing available to all.

Thus, Report Alliance was born, with the sole mission of providing organizations of all types, sizes and industries with next-level financial report formatting, proofreading, word processing and binding services at a fair and reasonable cost.

Entities Subject to SEC Auditor Independence

Report Alliance was founded primarily with SEC auditor independence regulations in mind, particularly Rule 2-01 of Regulation S‑X, which prohibits CPA firms from providing formatting, proofreading, word processing or binding services for financial reports of certain organizations, including, but not limited to, publicly traded companies, pre-IPOs, investment funds, broker-dealers and large financial institutions. Unfortunately, these administrative financial report responsibilities often fall back onto an organization’s management, but most don’t have the time, resources or expertise to format, proofread, process or bind their own financial reports.

Report Alliance views this as an unnecessary and unfair burden on you and, as an independent third party, effectively bridges this gap to ensure you always have access to CPA-caliber, hassle-free financial report quality assurance at a reasonable cost.

Privately Held and Other Non-Public Entities

Privately held companies, governmental entities, not-for-profit entities, employee benefit plans and many other non-public organizations are often required to prepare annual or quarterly financial reports, or choose to do so for various reasons. If your organization falls into this category, Report Alliance can offer comprehensive quality control services for your financial reports and potentially lower your related annual/quarterly expenses.

With a qualified CPA firm alum at our helm, we’re able to deliver CPA-quality formatting, proofreading, word processing and binding services for your reports while reducing the time, labor and resources you utilize performing these tasks year after year.

Certified Public Accountants

CPA firms can reap clear and immediate cost savings by outsourcing their in-house financial report quality control services to Report Alliance year-round. Trained and supervised by a qualified CPA firm alum, the Report Alliance team is capable of offering near-seamless, CPA-caliber financial report formatting, proofreading, word processing and binding services to your firm and your clients at a fraction of your current costs, while reducing or eliminating your need for overhead, salaries, benefits, overtime and other fixed expenses associated with on-site staff. 

We are also deeply committed to providing the most accessible financial report processing support possible to our CPA clients, as evidenced by our business hours of 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Saturday. Auditors across the U.S., from the Hawaiian Islands to New York City, now have direct access to report processing support 15 hours a day, six days a week, to ensure that you and your clients are always well-supported—morning, noon or night.

With Report Alliance, you have access to high-end, CPA-caliber financial report processing services but pay only when you need them. 

Note: We're able to offer bulk contracts, discounted rates and alternative submission/payment options to CPA firms based on their commitment level and report workload. Please reach out for further details.